Etelä-Tapiolan lukio (affectionately known to us as ETIS) is one of the high-ranking upper secondary/High Schools in the country. We offer tuition in Finnish in the regular line and in English on the IB Diploma Programme. We encourage entrepreneurship and emphasize social sciences. We boast an impressive collection of academic prizes and awards for academic excellence and artistic achievement. Groundbreaking initiatives have been taken in the field of business and entrepreneuship. The student board at ETIS is an active part of decision-making: we have a democratic system of student representation and the whole school community works in close cooperation to boost academic performance and overall wellbeing.

At Etelä-Tapiolan lukio, our students progress through their studies guided by the school motto, ”empathy, hard work, innovation and tolerance”. We also foster the education of our students culturally and socially, with various extra-curricular activities in which all students are invited to participate. We welcome students from various places around the globe, such as our exchange students and IB students whose nationalities span vast continents and diverse cultures.

A wide range of optional courses and projects are offered in History and Social Sciences promoting active citizenship among students. Our language tuition is second to none, with excellent results in English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Chinese. Our students enjoy performing music during festivities and our students include many talented performers and composers. Visual Arts classes promote the study of the various forms of art, in both a practical and theoretical sense of learning.

Our Sciences curricula offer tuition in the three core sciences. Physics students regularly visit CERN research centre, Chemistry students work in cooperation with Aalto University and our Biology teaching actively encourages sustainable development both locally and globally. A high percentage of our graduates are successful in accessing science universities within a year of completing their studies. As the role of technology in work and everyday life becomes more omnipresent, we promote the use of technological tools throughout various classes.

We do not limit our students to educational experiences only, encouraging students to engage in social activities, such as the ‘Pink for Valentine’s Day’, the ‘graduate show’ and ‘old time dancing” which many students enjoy. ETIS is known for its high level of commitment among teachers and students. This is a place where academic achievement and strong community spirit shake hands. At ETIS students form lifelong friendships and as alumni they are invited to give lectures on their special field of study.

Tutors 2014–2015