IB: Accepting your study place

Admission results will be announced on www.espoo.fi/lukiovalinnat on Thursday 17.6. at the earliest. Please go to opintopolku.fi to accept your study place before 30.6. The study guidance counsellor Mikko Saxberg and the DP Coordinator David Crawford will be happy to respond to emails (firstname.surname@espoo.fi) until the end of June.

New students are warmly welcome to visit Etelä-Tapiolan lukio in person on Thursday 17.6. and Friday 18.6. between 9 and 15. Tutor students and guidance counsellor Mikko Saxberg will give you information about starting your studies in Etis IB.

Books/resources will be provided free of charge to Pre-DP students at the start of the school year.

After accepting your study place, please fill in the following form about your preliminary language choices 

School begins at 9.00 am on Wednesday 11.08.2021. A big welcome to Etis!

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IB Coordinator David Crawford

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