In times of Corona it is far from self-evident that we would be able to hold our annual EE Day final interviews in a public event rather than remotely online. With some simple precautions, such as wearing a mask and limiting the size of the audience, it was nonetheless possible to spend an excellent day together listening to students expound upon their researches. Just is case anyone is wondering what this is all about, the extended essay is a compulsory element of the IB diploma, consisting of a 4000-word essay on a topic of research related to one of the subjects studied in the programme. It requires a minimum of 40 hours work although many students voluntarily put in double this number of hours. Needless to say, they develop a certain expertise, which makes it all the more interesting to listen to presentations and marvel at their insights. We heard about everything from the motives for Truman´s rollback in Korea (history) to testosterone levels in adolescents (biology); from the culture evident in Boeing (business management) to how trauma is handled in Sofi Oksanen´s Purge (Finnish). The day ended in classic fashion with a large slice of cake and a glass of fizzy pop.


Students posted tips on the EE to benefit the next cohort of students

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