On Friday 28th August, 30 proud graduates gathered around their laptops to share a virtual IB graduation ceremony in Etis. Our idea was to make this a very special moment of celebration despite the physical distance between us, with graduates already on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our invited speaker, the renowned documentary film maker Arman Alizad, a former Etis student, shared an important message about the importance of perseverance in life. Not only is failure a feature of life, he claimed, it is “essential to fail” as you follow your dreams. Arman used his own experiences to assert that “it doesn´t matter how many times you fall. But it does matter how many times you get back up again”. One day some dream will come true.

On behalf of graduates Meeri Palokangas spoke movingly about reaching a point of divergence from the security of the group to a moving on alone with the next bold step: “it is up to us to refine who we are”. Meeri believes that all graduates are better prepared after the IB experience to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities of whatever the future may hold.

Fine musical performances were provided by the graduates themselves. But the crowning moment was surely when students placed their white caps upon their heads, live on camera. They had much to celebrate – these were the best results on record in Etis. An amazing achievement and very special day in the lives of graduates and their teachers alike.

The whole video can be viewed on YouTube here.