As the academic year draws to a close, it is time to take stock on how we are coping in Etis with the challenges of living through anti-covid-19 measures.

All students have been engaged in distance learning since the middle of March. Much evidence suggests that the experience has exceeded expectations in terms of keeping on track with content and teachers have worked extra hard to ensure that group work continues even in these circumstances. Lessons remain interactive and “live” rather than a passive setting out of tasks for silent self-study.  Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction, of course, but students have been assiduously engaged.

IB2 students drew the short straw. For the first time in 50 years IB was forced to cancel the May examination session and students were bitterly disappointed. It may have felt like two years of tuition had gone to waste. This is demonstrably not the case as each student has steadily produced course-assessed work during this period which is being marked by IB moderators on an unprecedented scale in order to generate a rigorous set of results. Diplomas will be issued in July.  Students will graduate in August.

Currently we are processing new applicants to Etis. As the entrance tests were also cancelled, we are dependent on the academic record alone to determine admission in the autumn. There are many excellent applicants and we are confident of gaining a strong intake of 50 students in Pre-DP and several new students into IB1.

We look forward to the gradual lifting on lock-down and the resumption of normal social interaction, by degrees, in the months ahead. If Covid-19 has demonstrated our vulnerability, it has also demonstrated our resilience and resourcefulness. Life – and learning – goes on.