This heading was among the top tips given by IB2 students during the annual Extended Essay Day (which goes by the snappier title of EE-Day) held in November. The idea is very simple. Students have spent months researching a given topic and when the work is done, and the 4000-word essay submitted, it is time to mark the occasion in a special way. Supervisors interview researchers in front of a sympathetic IB audience, quizzing them about the investigation process and the challenges encountered along the way. Most students really enjoy the opportunity to show off their (often astonishingly strong) knowledge of the topic and share insights into their thinking processes whilst grappling with the endeavor. Topics were as varied as ever: everything from how temperature affects the blossoming of cloudberries (biology) to Roman Imperial control in first century Britain (history) to 3D rotation of quaternions (maths) and factors in the growth of Netflix (BM). The event was rounded off with cake, fizzy drinks and plenty of good humour. Next year´s EE students now have a better idea of what to expect – and nothing to fear (including poetry)!

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