Thanks to our ever-dynamic substitute Business Management teacher Daniil Pokidko, we had the good fortune to welcome Walid Cheikh to lead two workshops on the topic of making an effective pitch. Walid has a refreshingly direct approach, quickly setting the parameters for an effective pitch before inviting students to try their hand in small groups. Then the fun really begins when each group selects someone to make a 30 second presentation in front of the entire class. Full of good advice and sensible tips, he quickly establishes the difference between an advertising pitch and a personal pitch; on how to control nerves and hook the audience; how to moderate tone and use body language. The experience was a roller-coaster and an eye-opener. Students learnt by doing and learnt fast. There were some great presentations and a supportive, positive atmosphere. This sort of thing is a real treat. If you want to know more check out www.pitchingforlife.com