Etis graduates had every reason to celebrate on Friday 30th August with the entire IB student body and their proud families and teachers in attendance. The musical performances were of the highest standard. The speech by class teacher Mohammed Matooq was touching and personal, mentioning each student by name. Leila Helali, the graduate speaker, spoke movingly about the journey over the last three years and the fresh perspectives which opened up to her along the way. Awards went to students who best personify the Learner Profile; who made the greatest contribution to the local community;  and to those who displayed academic excellence. Yet this was an occasion when every graduate, no matter what the grade, deserved recognition for their fantastic achievement. The best tribute to I6IB came in the form of a video edited by Leila Helali and Amanda Cardoso and starring the class as a whole. A more funny, poignant, exuberant record is hard to imagine. Well done to every graduate and a big thanks to parents and staff who helped steer these fine young people successfully through three (or four) amazing years together.

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