IB Bootcamp 2019

The tenth annual bootcamp was held in changeable weather on Friday 16th August in a quiet spot in Nuuksio National Park called Pirttimäki. The concept was different this year. Due to the fact that we had a double intake, with two classes, a camping expedition was out of the question. So we settled for a day trip instead. All the usual ingredients were present – a hike through the woods, games galore, sausage fried over an open fire, music and story-telling. Only the chill and broken night was missing. The most important ingredient in any camp is the spirit of the occasion and this is something that can never be taken for granted. Will it gel? Will people enjoy themselves or will they be discretely looking at their watches? No need to worry on this score. It seems to me that the occasion served its purpose very well indeed. Everyone gamely joined in the activities, there was plenty of laughter, lots to eat (but less to drink), and most participants went away with a prize for some victory in the forest Olympics. We even saw a grass snake. Our warm thanks to the excellent work of the tutors for making this event such a pleasure. Beats sitting in the classroom and at this stage in the school year there is no better way to break the ice with new-found friends.