Turning the tables in TOK

This week we decided to adopt a different approach to Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classes.

Teachers from subject groups 1-5 took on the role of students for a change, sitting in a circle being quizzed about the significance of language as a way of knowing the world around us. Students sat in an outer circle posing questions and volunteering comment. How does language shape our identity? How do technologies affect the way language is used? What role do technical terms possess in different areas of knowledge? Does each language provide a different framework for reality? These are just a few of the questions pondered together. Students quickly agreed that collaboration with teachers of different subject groups was a refreshing way to engage with the topic. Definitely this is something to repeat next year, with a different set of questions, under the skilled guidance of our TOK teachers.

Students and teachers prepare for the upcoming discussion. Note that although we have no skeletons in the cupboard in Etis, we do possess a skeleton between two cupboards.

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