The grand finale for students of the extended essay.

The grand finale for students of the extended essay (IB2) comes during a series of 10-minute interviews in front of a sympathetic IB audience. Culminating a year-long process, the 4000-word essay has already been submitted by this stage and students have the chance to ease themselves into a comfortable armchair and show off their knowledge of the topic in question. What a broad range of topics were discussed! Everything from the foreign policy of Gladstone to the olfactive recognition of peppermint; from book 11 of the Odyssey to factors affecting the length of the sound produced by an instrumental string; from Abercrombie & Fitch's rebranding in 2016 to a Finnish EE on the question:” Miten Anna Liisa kehittyy henkilöhahmona Minna Canthin näytelmässä  ”Anna Liisa”.  Despite some initial nerves, students spoke with impressive authority and few hesitated in answering the questions supervisors posed. Tips for next year´s students included “start early”, “don´t panic” and “enjoy!” Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived – cutting the cake and relaxing together after a job well done.

IB2 students listening to an EE interview in English Language and Literature