One of the highlights in the academic year

For the uninitiated, EE Day refers to one of the highlights in the academic year, the day when final year students reflect upon their 4000 word essays in front of a live audience. This year we had extended essay submissions in seven subjects: history, biology, mathematics (for the first time), physics, business management, English and Finnish. Over the course of a year or so students get to know their subject matter extremely well and are able to speak knowledgeably and engagingly about such diverse topics as stereotypes of accents, the colonial policy of Bismarck, the lift of water rockets, the effects of BMI on blood pressure and the marketing strategy of Adidas, to single out a few. The whole event was good-natured and upbeat, providing plenty of food for thought for IB1 and Pre-DP students, who comprised the audience. Fine job, everyone!

Below - the well-deserved and much anticipated EE Day cake