Life after Etis

Here is what some of this year´s graduates have decided to study.
Young people probably get a bit fed up with the external question, ”What do you want to do when you grow up?” We know from experience that many students haven´t got a clue, at least when they start with us. The IB provides a broad curriculum that guards against over-specialization and keeps many doors open simultaneously. Our study guidance counsellor introduces students to the various university courses on offer in Finnish and foreign universities and - over time - ideas begin to coalesce. Here is what some of this year´s graduates have decided to study, pointing the way to future careers in related fields: one is studying Business in Helsinki School of Business; another is studying Chemistry in Aalto; a third is taking Business Administration in the University of Strathclyde; a fourth and a fifth are opting for Law (in Nagoya University Japan, and Groningen, Holland); yet another wants to study Molecular Biology. The list goes on… Finance, Graphic Design, International Business. One or two are taking a gap year. Others haven´t thought beyond the army. What is certain is that a whole world of opportunity out there awaits those with the diploma to their credit.