IB Graduation 2016


Thanks to the suggestion of Nella Leppä that we find somewhere else than the foyer to celebrate our graduation ceremony this year, we were fortunate enough to gain the agreement of EMMA, the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in the WeeGee building, to host the event. The space proved to be absolutely perfect as a venue. Parents had a good view of their children receiving the precious white cap and a thunder of applause resounded when the 22 graduates able to join us placed those caps firmly on their heads. A richly deserved award for exemplary study in adverse circumstances went to Anni Silvenius and the Learner Profile Awards went to the ever-positive Eve Pölkki and Alvari Poikola. The award for academic excellence went to Emma Lumiaro. Every student deserves credit for their achievement, and as the keynote speaker, Dr Kaisa Hahl, said, each student should relish the sensation of feeling smart. The coordinator pointed out that a diploma of 26 points for one student may represent just as great an achievement - a personal best - as 38 points for another. Our warm congratulations go out to every student and our heartfelt thanks to EMMA staff for giving us this fine opportunity.