Sausages, rain, laughter and fun

The annual pre-DP bootcamp took our intrepid students to Nuuksio National Park in the first week of the new school year.

We had to postpone for a day due to increment weather. As it happens, there was quite a lot of rain in any case - through the night - which wasn´t forecast. There was even some thunder rumbling in the distance. But no matter. We had the tents already erected (kind of) and we had a shelter in which to grill sausages after a busy day hiking, swimming and playing assorted games. Due to the Rio Olympics, we decided to enter into the spirit of the occasion with our own take on the games - Frisbee golf (hitting a rock), throwing an old wellington boot into the distance and long jump on a forest track. The important thing is that the conditions did nothing to dampen spirits, there was plenty to eat and lots of camaraderie. As ever, special thinks goes to student tutors for basically running the camp. As coordinator I also take my hat off to David Allen for providing the transport, helping with the shopping and drying out wet tents.

David Crawford

IB Coordinator