Joint Skype session with Nagoya High School

IB1 students took full advantage of modern technology to eliminate the distance between Espoo  and Nagoya High School through a joint skype session to collaborate on a history project.  Using David Crawford´s iPad as a camera, students introduced each other with warm smiles of greeting and even a few words of Japanese/Finnish. Then they got down to business, sharing research into a painting of Matthew Perry´s historic landing in Edo Bay (1854) and a cartoon concerning the Japanese Monroe Doctrine (1933). Both groups were well prepared. Finally there was time for  questions about the school day in each country and the sights most worth seeing. The  Japanese students were really impressed to discover that so many Etis students have seen the northern lights. For our part, we quickly agreed that “we must do this more often”. Why not? Everyone got a thrill and no school in the world is more than the touch of a button away, after all.

A real-time virtual meeting about the past