IB2 students celebrate Extended Essay day.

Final year IB students presented their conclusions to major pieces of research on Friday 6th November in a series of public interviews before an audience of Pre-DP and IB1 student peers. Topics ranged from the physics involved in getting a craft to planet Mars to literary interpretations of Sofi Oksanen´s Purge; from the leadership styles of Hitler and Churchill to a critique of Hitch-hiker´s Guide to the Galaxy; and from Microsoft´s acquisition of Nokia Lumia to stereotyping in Asterix the Gaul. Each student submitted an essay approximately 4000 words in length and each submission represents the fulfilment of half a year´s work. What better way to celebrate the achievement - the fruits of considerable labour - than with a mighty big fruit cake? Unlike the essay, this was polished off in minutes flat!

Some great ideas for IB1