The annual Pre-DP expedition to Nuuksio National Park.

This may not be a generalization that always holds true, but it certainly was the case during the annual Pre-DP expedition to Nuuksio National Park, in unprecedented sunshine, at the end of the first full week of the school term. More than 30 students gamely hitched rucksacks to their backs and followed our five intrepid tutors down a dusty road to Haukkalampi campsite. Conditions were just about perfect for our games and swimming, grilled sausage and fireside banter. Leo provided welcome musical accompaniment on his guitar as we sat around the embers while day turned to night. The early hours were horrendously cold and one has to empathize with the student who had forgotten his sleeping bag! Still, after a good breakfast and piping hot tea we were ready for the five kilometre hike, competing for a prize in the nature trail quiz set up by David Allen, our Biology teacher. The camp was fun, relaxed, and superbly co-run by tutors. This was exactly the kind of start to the year that every IB school needs - with a strong spirit of teamwork and fun. Nice job, everyone!