On 25.03 we made school history with another first.

Following the success of the Extended Essay Day, with public interviews before an audience regarding the 4000 word research project, we were emboldened to try the same thing with other aspects of the core curriculum. For those who don´t know the IB, all students are required to make a presentation and write an essay on some aspect of the ways in which we construct a theory of knowledge (TOK). Furthermore, students are expected to engage in creativity, action and service (CAS) outside the classroom.

The idea with core curriculum day was to expose pre-DP and IB1 students to some of the best TOK presentations and the most interesting CAS activities. Annette Rapo and Mona Syrjä delivered their TOK presentation in the form of a debate about how far the state should be permitted to spy on its own citizens in the interests of national security. This is a topical concern and the arguments were resonant. Mark Laukkanen addressed a hushed and fully attentive audience about the nature of originality. How original is anyone? Don´t all build on the accumulated wisdom of earlier innovators? Mark´s thoughtful approach and careful choice of words showed TOK at its very best.

Various CAS activities were outlined - from fund-raising to giving blood - and the idea of resurrecting the defunct IB newspaper 45/7 was mooted. Who knows what will happen. With CAS just about anything is possible. Anyhow, the day was judged a success and will certainly be repeated next year. All presenters, including Juhani Ahokas and Matilda van Santen on CAS, as well as the students named above, were presented with a bar of chocolate as a small token of appreciation.

David Crawford

IB Coordinator