IB 1 student Kalle Kyyrö reports on the Innokampus clebration.
Innokampus is a private non-profit enterprise, the purpose of which is to activate and guide the 1,2 million Finnish students to build a more successful and modern society. As the name suggests, Innokampus is focused in innovations; creating, developing and implementing new ideas.
On 19.01.2015 some impressive ceremonies took place at the Helsinki City Hall, when Innokampus celebrated its last twelve months of enterprise with a gala event. Awards were presented for the winners of “Tartu Ideaan” and “Tartu Ideaan online” competitions. The grand prize, a whopping 5000 euros, went to Roni Marjomaa, a student in Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopisto. In total, awards for the best 30 were worth of 30 000 euros. In the “Tartu Ideaan online” competition entrants had to come up with  brand new ideas for a company to solve practical problems. The competition was open to all high school, vocational, and university students. Many Etis students took part. The keynote speaker in the gala was the Prime Minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb. His speech highlighted the importance of innovation, hard work and open-mindedness. “Dream. Believe. Work hard. Succeed”, he stated.

(Photo credit: Krijesa Vuciterna)

IB1 student Kalle Kyyrö