Etis has passed its first five year evaluation with flying colours.
Each IB school is required to undergo detailed scrutiny of its programme every five years, reviewing its policies and practices in discussion with all stakeholders: teachers, students, parents and the school board each make their input in response to a number of searching questions. The robustness of the institution, its commitment to international education and the dedication to the IB mission are measured and assessed. Here´s what IB had to say at the end of this protracted process of enquiry: “Congratulations on your five-year anniversary of becoming an IB World School. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and contribution to the success of the IB mission…We send our deepest gratitude to you, the programme coordinator, educators, the parents and the students, without whom none of this would have been possible.” We are delighted to pass the review and feel that the considerable self-reflection involved has definitely strengthened the school as a whole.