The culmination of the extended essay writing process is our annual EE Day, where students are interviewed before an audience on their achievement in producing a carefully researched 4000 word essay.

The number of subjects selected for research was a wide as usual - covering biology, physics, business management, history, äidinkieli and English. The actual topics were truly diverse: an assessment of the battles of Hannibal, portrayals of violence in Finnish children´s literature, the effects of sleep deprivation among high school students, the trajectory of an object in motion, market strategies of major businesses….these topics and many more were comprehensively discussed, weighed, evaluated and judged during the course of a busy day.

We were delighted to welcome Tapio Erma, the Director of Upper Secondary School Education for the municipality of Espoo, who listened intently to the opening interviews and later sent warm thanks to staff and students for the excellent work done. This year the IB1 students listened in for two lessons and the pre-DP students for a single lesson with the purpose of gaining prior exposure to the EE experience, hopefully inspiring them to make an equal commitment in future years.

EE Day is renowned above all for one reason - the delicious cake on offer after the final interview. A bigger, fruitier, creamier cake is hard to imagine. Everyone deservedly ate their full.