45/7 returns

The so-called “official” Etis newsletter makes its return this year with the editorial team aiming to publish bi-monthly. Run by students, for students, but avidly read by staff too, the newsletter offers wry comment on the IB experience. The lead article in the latest edition is called “The majestic IB student” and details the characteristics of the this curious species in its natural habitat. It ends with the upbeat comment that ”these amazing beings are not yet fully understood but studies indicate that IB students metamorphose into some of the world´s most responsible, active and well-rounded people”. Other articles focus on a recent football triumph, life as a Pamoja Chinese self-taught student and success in getting a driving license. For good measure, there is a corny fact of the week and a Sudoku to crack. As for Kalle´s punning on the Crimea (oh Crimea River), don´t even ask!   

Keep up the good work, guys.