An exchange student from China in Etis

Yuhui lukee Helsingin sanomia

Yuhui lukee Helsingin Sanomia

I am Yuhui Ye. I come from China. I am 17 years old. I live in Changzhou Jiangsu. In China my family has five people: father, mother, sister, brother and me. My sister and I are twins.

I have been in Finland more than two months and I have studied some easy Finnish. I like Finland. Finland is a beautiful country and Finland has recently ranked as one of the world's most peaceful, competitive and livable countries. Nokia is famous very much and I hear the education in Finland is the best in the world.

In finland, I live in a host family. It is a kind and warm family. I have one host sister and one host brother. Host sister is one year younger than me; host brother is three years younger than me. They are very easygoing and helpful. I like my host family. I like Finnish food and Sauna.

I enjoy the school life. I can choose any subject that I like. I feel very relaxed. In the school, I can do anything that I want. Teachers and students are all very good. Teachers are patient and students are passionate. In Finland, I have enough free time, so I can have enough sleep.

I feel happy in Finland. I am happy that I can learn a new language and make more new friends. Though finnish is so difficult for me, I will try my best effort to study. I think I will have many gains during the year.