Etelä-Tapiolan lukio celebrates "International Week"

Strength through diversity

Our annual International Week (44) was full of events, quizzes, performances and competition this year. The week was kicked off by the IB coordinator´s speech to the school, interpreting what it means to be international and explaining the ways in which Etelä-Tapiolan lukio has been international in the past and how it will continue on this path into the future as well.

Throughout the week the internationality of the school was truly expressed, and people began to realize the extent of the nationalities present in our school, not only in the IB, but all over the school as well. Especially the Pre-DP students expressed this during the middle of the week with “The World Is a Village”.  Different cultural stands were organized in the foyer, displaying food and information about different countries and cultures, represented by the students with nationalities from those countries as well as students who had lived abroad.

Throughout the week a picture quiz had been organized for all the students in the school, displayed in the foyer and keeping with the theme of internationality. All classes also did another quiz during tutorial on Tuesday, which was interesting and entertaining. Prizes were handed to the winners the following week.

Show time!

Thursday and Friday were the main events for International Week. For the tenth year running the International Show was organized by the students, with various acts and entertainments organized into a talent show that raised money for Friday’s Nenä Päivä. Rehearsals took place on Wednesday evening, and though the excitement among the performers and backup crew was already paramount then, it hardly compared to the enthusiasm shown by the crowd during the actual show.

Performances came from each grade and there was so much talent among the students that the judges were hard pressed to decide on the best number. Entertainment included various music performances, dance, magic tricks and even stand-up comedy and teachers’ numbers.

In the name of Internationality our exchange students from China, Ecuador, Turkey and Bulgaria introduced us to their countries and told us a bit about themselves and their experiences in Finland, from “perunat” to the bus rides. The show was a great success and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The performers were excited and charismatic and were cheered on enthusiastically by the crowd.

Red Nose Day

The week ended with Red Nose Day, a popular charity event. The whole school had participated in raising money for the event, and it had been decided that if the school could raise 200 euros the Principal would agree to have his moustache removed. The charity ended up raising over 1000 euros in total for women and children in need all around the world, (twice as much as the year before!), and the Principal certainly lost his moustache.

Overall the week was very successful event and a refreshing adjustment to the basic week-to-week routine. Everyone seemed to appreciate the effort made by all the students and teachers involved, and hopefully as much vigor and commitment will be put into next years International Week, keeping the tradition going.

Tuuli Häärä and Milla-Marjaana Ihalainen

Final year IB students