On 18.-19. January the Etis Debating Team participated in the Tampere 2020 National Schools Debating Championship, where they had the opportunity to exchange views about topical issues such as the killing of Qassem Soleimani and the reintegration of Finnish ISIS me...
Now, I may be at risk of sounding like a bureaucrat, but the best Christmas present we could ask for was a 36-page report that dropped on my desk a couple of days before the winter break. This report is not exactly bedtime reading but it brought a broad smile to ou...
Spending a whole year in a foreign country can be a wonderful experience, but actually doing something like that requires courage. Exchange students have to get accustomed to a whole new culture and language while also going to school. Many of us could never do som...
Kokonaisen vuoden viettäminen vieraassa maassa voi olla opettavainen ja upea kokemus, mutta siihen ryhtymiseen tarvitaan paljon rohkeutta. Vaihto-oppilaiden pitää totuttautua heille useimmiten täysin uuteen kulttuuriin ja kieleen sekä samaa...
This heading was among the top tips given by IB2 students during the annual Extended Essay Day (which goes by the snappier title of EE-Day) held in November. The idea is very simple. Students have spent months researching a given topic and when the work is done, an...
Pohjola-Norden järjestää vuosittain kielikurssin lukiolaisille Ahvenanmaalla Saltvikissa. Kurssille valitaan 28 opiskelijaa, jotka saavat stipendin kurssille osallistumiseen. Kurssi kestää viikon, jonka aikana ruotsin kieltä pyritä...

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