Student health care promotes the health of students and is responsible for organising the care of their illnesses in co-operation with health stations.

There is an examination by the school nurse during the first year and a doctor’s examination during the second year. The second year examination also serves as the preliminary examination for the call-up to military service. Other students are given health examinations when needed.

At the doctor’s examination, the student receives a new young person’s health certificate, if needed. The certificate is a valid medical certificate for applying for a driving licence or a job.

Students may consult the school nurse in matters concerning vaccinations, sexual counselling, contraception, intoxicants, mental health issues and other health-related matters. The school nurse also has regular open reception hours, during which students can seek help with acute issues without an appointment.

Students can get an appointment for the student health care doctor through the school nurse.

If necessary, the student will be referred to additional examinations or special health care.

Emergency first aid is carried out in co-operation with the other school staff. In a first aid situation, the guardian is responsible for arranging further care for the student.