Guidance and counselling for IB students is provided during lessons, information sessions and on a one-to-one basis. Lessons take place during the first period of the Pre-DP year. Thereafter guidance counsellors hold two or three information sessions during each academic year. These sessions mainly take place during extended class tutorials.

For the most part, counselling is given as personal guidance during the whole three years. The themes for guidance focus on future study options and the application process, course choices during the Pre-DP year, subject choices for IB1 and general study guidance.

Students can readily make an appointment with counsellors via Wilma event invitations or stopping by daily between 12:00-13:00 for responses to minor matters and quick questions.

To contact the guidance counsellor:

IB1 students GC Kukka Tast, tel. 043 824 6623, by Wilma-message or by email

pre-DP and IB2 students GC Mikko Saxberg, tel. 043 824 5204, by Wilma-message or by email

A lot of information is provided in Wilma; students are recommended to check the weekly digest (in the so-called Tinfo-file) regularly