Street address:

Etelä-Tapiolan lukio
Ahertajantie 5
02100 Espoo

Postal address:

Etelä-Tapiolan lukio
PL 3234

Email address:


fax: 81639108



IB Information

Enquiries should be made to the IB Coordinator David Crawford or the Principal

Street address: Ahertajantie 5, 02100 Espoo   

Postal address: PL 3234, 02070 Espoo, Finland

Principal Harri Rinta-aho, tel. 050 428 9440

IB Co-ordinator David Crawford, tel. 09 8163 9109,

School office: tel. 09 8163 9101

School code: 0267, section code: 809


Principal Harri Rinta-aho 050 428 9440
School Secretary Inka Kling 09-81639101
IB Coordinator David Crawford

Vice-Principal Juha Kivioja 09-81639102
Caretaker Anu Juslin 09-81639104
Study guidance counsellor Kukka Tast 09-81639106
Special needs teacher Inka Saajoranta-Kurvinen 0503603974
School nurse Mari Lähde


School psychologist

Jenni Keltanen


Social worker Tuula Karlsson

043 8246014

Teaching staff

The email addresses of teaching staff are usually shown in the form The letters ä and ö are compensated with a and o without any markings. If a teacher´s address is different from the above this will be indicated in the text.
Allen David DAl Biology, CAS Coordinator, Theory of Knowledge, Chemistry, Geography, 15IB class tutor
Björklund-Vuojala Jaana JBj French B, Swedish
Pullo Heli HPu Business Management, Economics
Crawford David DCr IB Coordinator, History, Extended Essay Supervisor
Hänninen Jyrki JHä Physics
Jatkola Kristiina KJa Physical Education (girls)

Jokela Johanna



Koponen Ruut RKo Librarian, Extended Essay advisor
Kleemola Leena LKl Visual Arts
Matooq Mohammed MMa HL and SL Mathematics, Physics, 16IB class tutor
Peltomaa Aino APe Music
Lahdenperä Riikka RRu Finnish A1:Literature, Finnish as a Second language, School-supported student supervisor, 17IB class tutor
Sadeharju Marjut MSa English A1, English Language and Literature,
Tast Kukka KTa Study Guidance
Laine Anniina Ala Mathematical Studies, Chemistry
Väänänen Antti AVä Physical Education (boys)



How to find us

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Student welfare

School nurse
Mari Lähde
tel. 046 877 3790

School psychologist
Jenni Keltanen
tel. 050 389 4100

Study guidance counselor
Kukka Tast
tel. (09) 816 39106

Social worker
Tuula Karlsson
tel. 043 8246014

Special needs teacher
Inka Saajoranta-Kurvinen
tel.  050 3603974

Parents' association


The aim of the parents' Association (PA) is to support teaching and schooling in our lukio. The PA plays a central role in fostering dialogue between students, teachers and parents.

All parents/guardians of the student body are automatic members of the PA. Its governing board includes parent teacher and student representatives. Funding is reliant upon voluntary contributions by members.

In practice the PA has funded numerous acquisitions which benefit the entire school community. These purchases include a whiteboard for the auditorium, clocks for the classrooms, plants in the foyer, coat hooks for the cloakroom and various other facilities for daily use.

The PA actively seeks cooperation with partners which give young people the opportunity to familiarize themselves with future career and study options. The PA may also call for additional parents' evenings on topics of concern/interest to parents.

You are warmly welcome to get involved!

Voluntary membership contributions can be made to the following account:

Recipient:    Etelä-Tapiolan vanhempainyhdistys ry
Account:     111230-307972
Reference:  5157