Welcome to Etelä-Tapiolan IB!

Thank you for finding your way to our webpages. We are proud to be one of the seventeen IB schools licensed to operate in Finland. What sort of school is Etelä-Tapiolan Lukio (“Etis”)? How does the school activate the learner profile which lies at the heart of IB philosophy? How does one go about making a successful application? How are students selected and what qualities are sought?

You will find answers to these philosophical and practical questions on this site. Please check out our commitment to fostering international-mindedness and for practical guidance see the section “How to Apply”. We aim to deliver a challenging education at pre-university level to young people who really want to make a difference in the world.

Below you will find a couple of light-hearted videos made by students, each with a clear message. To get a better feel of the school please visit in person. We have an information evening for parents on 23.1.2019 at 18:30, and Open-Door events for ninth graders on 16.1 and 22.1.2019. Enquiries are very welcome at other times too.

If you seek a brief response to the simple question “What makes Etis special?” it has to be the atmosphere – which is busy, purposeful, inclusive and respectful. We know how to enjoy ourselves as well. In these conditions students are best equipped to realise their academic potential, gain social awareness and find scope for personal growth.

Welcome to Etis!

2018 bootcamp3


This week we decided to adopt a different approach to Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classes.


This year IB1 students excelled themselves in generating ideas relating to the Group Four Project.


High time to put the spotlight of excellence on CAS activities and TOK presentations.


Students produce and perform.